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Hurricane Ian moving up East Coast

Hurricane Ian has made landfall as a Category 1 storm in South Carolina, after ripping across Florida and restrengthening over the Atlantic.

South Carolina is now facing major flooding, hurricane-force winds and “life-threatening storm surge”.

The storm made landfall shortly after 2 PM local time. Flooding began early in the morning in Charleston and has spread to areas like Myrtle Beach and Pawleys Island as the storm moves onshore. Officials are urging residents not to leave their homes if they don’t have to, as the storm is still very dangerous.

President Joe Biden has issued an emergency declaration for South Carolina.

The storm hit Florida as one of the most powerful hurricanes in Florida’s history, with wind speeds nearly reaching Category 5.

Nearly 2 million people in Florida remain without power – and economic losses could amount to as much as $120bn, according to one estimate.

The state’s death toll also continues to rise as officials survey the damage. On Friday morning, officials reported one confirmed and 20 unconfirmed deaths in three counties. In Lee County, which saw some of the worst impacts, the sheriff has confirmed at least 16 storm-related deaths and five additional deaths.


What path is Hurricane Ian taking?

Ian roared ashore as a Category 1 storm near Georgetown, South Carolina with sustained winds of 85 miles per hour.


Former GOP candidates push baseless QAnon conspiracy theory that Hurricane Ian was created to punish DeSantis

Two former far-right former congressional candidates have said that Hurricane Ian was created to punish Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Republican-leaning states.

Lauren Witzke, the GOP candidate for US Senate in Delaware in 2020 said that “technology exists to manipulate weather” and suggested that the storm targeted Florida for promoting conservative political ideas.


People rescued from building as floods take Myrtle Beach

The Myrtle Beach Fire Department rescues people from the second floor of a building as flood from Hurricane Ian overtake the city on Friday



More than 215,000 customers without power in South Carolina

According to 2125, 787 customers in South Carolina were without power as of 4.25pm ET.

“Crews will be working around the clock to get the lights back on as quickly and safely as possible,” Dominion Energy said in a tweet on Friday blaming downed trees for a lot of the issues.


Fox News anchor forgets Puerto Rico is part of the US in Hurricane Ian segment

A Fox News anchor was talking about hurricane impacts in Cuba and Puerto Rico when she said “Thank God we have better infrastructure in our country.”

People on social media took her to task for failing to note Puerto Rico, which was slammed by Hurricane Fiona earlier this month, is part of the United States.

Hurricane Ian hit Cuba this week before barrelling into southwest Florida. Large parts of both Cuba and Florida are without power as people recover from the storm.


Man died as floodwater engulfed home, Volusia Sheriff says

A 67-year-old man died as floodwaters filled his home in New Smyrna Beach, Florida on Thursday night, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department.

The man’s wife and three dogs were able to make it out of the house and to safety, but the victim fell and was not able to get up before being overtaken by floodwaters.

First responders attempted to rescue him, but he was later pronounced dead.

Another man in Volusia County died overnight between Wednesday and Thursday morning while draining his pool as Hurricane Ian swept through the state.

Officials have noted dozens of potential deaths across Florida, with many areas still assessing the total damage.


Amazon delivery driver blasts orders during Hurricane Ian: ‘I hate y’all’

An Amazon delivery driver took out his frustration at delivering packages in Florida as dangerous weather conditions from Hurricane Ian moved into the state on Wednesday.

“Y’all knew this hurricane was coming and you still order s****,” he said in a video on TikTok from his Amazon delivery van. “I gotta go to 172 of y’all today.”

The man said in the comments that the storm didn’t directly hit his part of Florida but still brought some serious weather to the area.


Orlando area starts to recover from the storm

University of Central Florida students use an air mattress to leave a flood apartment complex in Orlando on Friday


A man pulls a canoe through floodwaters in New Smyrna Beach, just north of Orlando

(AFP via Getty Images)

Drone footage shows a flooded neighbourhood in Orlanda, Florida on Friday



Florida woman films herself riding out Hurricane Ian in pool float as storm surge swallows neighborhood

A woman has shared distressing footage of herself floating in an inflatable pool inside her home during Hurricane Ian as waves lap up against the windows.

“If you’ve ever floated in a floaty pool in your own living room with your refrigerator, at your door,” she said in a video on TikTok.

Floodwaters are an extremely dangerous place to be during a storm. Not only is there the threat of floods rising further and potentially drowning people in their own homes, but the water can pick up sharp objects and hazardous chemicals as it washes through a city.


South Carolina pier has collapsed

A pier on Pawley Island, on the northern South Carolina coast, has collapsed and is floating into the ocean, the local police department said.

The area is getting a near-direct hit from the storm as it makes landfall on Friday afternoon, and the police have shared photos of flooding across the island, calling it “catastrophic.”

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