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Winston the whippet is going viral ― and of course he’s doing it quickly. (Watch the video below.)

The dog from Clarksburg, New Jersey, competed in the Fastest Dogs USA event televised Sunday on ABC ― and video of one of his 100-yard dashes has been admired by millions on Twitter.

ESPN shared the clip on Wednesday night, noting that “Winston was MOVIN’.”

“Bro was so fast the camera glitched,” one person on Twitter wrote.

The slow-motion replay revealed Winston’s entire doggy being working in perfect harmony to achieve high velocity.

“Beautiful,” wrote one observer. “I mean look at that form and those muscles,” another commented.

Winston, however, didn’t even win the competition! Reas the whippet from Michigan City, Indiana, did, averaging 5.847 seconds in his heats for a speed of 34.98 miles an hour.

Winston finished second with an average of 5.939 seconds for 34.44 mph.

Reas earned a reward even greater than internet fame ― at least for a dog. He got sardines, cheese and a steak dinner for his victory.

The event took place in Kannapolis, North Carolina, earlier this month.

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