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Angry motorists have been filmed dragging climate activists out of the road during Just Stop Oil’s latest protest in the capital.

The Metropolitan Police made 45 arrests on Sunday as Just Stop Oil campaigners blocked roads in London in a bid to get the government to act on the environmental crisis.

Drivers in Westminster were seen dragging protesters out of the road near the parliament, as one confronted the climate group by saying: “I have to go to hospital… stop interfering with us.”

One activist was also filmed climbing on top of a police van and glueing his hand to it in Sunday’s protest.

A spokesman for the Met Police said: “So far today, a total of 45 people have been arrested for wilful obstruction of the highway in connection with Just Stop Oil protests in Piccadilly.

The protestors appear to have glued their hands to the road surface

(Just Stop Oil)

“They have been taken into custody.”

Sunday marks the ninth day of protests in a row as members of Just Stop Oil demand an end to the use of oil and gas. Protesters say they will continue to disrupt the roads every day in October until fossil fuel use is tackled.

Just Stop Oil protester climbs on top of police van in London

The activist who climbed on top of the police van was brandishing a banner and shouting to people passing by about the cause. He yelled: “I’m angry. Sad…Where’s the outrage?”

It comes after one person protesting on Saturday needed medical care after being pulled from the road by a driver, the group said.

Just Stop Oil said in a statement: “We are not backing down. Today, the Occupation of Westminster enters its 9th day. Massive disruption has been caused throughout the borough with multiple bridges and key A roads repeatedly blocked.

“Yesterday, a group of Just Stop Oil supporters remained resolutely nonviolent when confronted by the understandably frustrated members of the public.

“One supporter required emergency medical treatment due to having been removed from the road by a member of the public.

“The disruption will end when the government makes a statement that it will halt all future licensing and consents for the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels in the UK.”

Climate protests have been going on since last Saturday in London, with activists blocking areas like Waterloo Bridge and Trafalgar Square as well as Westminster.

Animal Rebellion, an off-shoot of Extinction Rebellion, blocked large parts of London yesterday. They also painted shop windows and emptied red paint inside some shops they said supported killing animals, including a store for shooting supplies.

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