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Leopards don’t surf the internet, or else three of them in South Africa’s Greater Kruger might have thought twice about ganging up on a honey badger recently. (Watch the video below.)

In a clip posted to the wildlife platform Latest Sightings on Monday, the honey badger valiantly hangs in there when a leopard mother and her two good-sized cubs take turns chomping into it. The solitary prey even takes the offensive at times in the “unbelievable battle,” field guide Dan Fiser and business consultant Paola Murguia told the nature site.

The outnumbered creature kept fighting back until the logical conclusion.

Check out what happened when the leopards bullied the honey badger:

There’s a lesson for man and beast here. “Never underestimate the underdog,” Fiser and Murguia said, noting that the honey badger finally trotted off “as though nothing had happened.”

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