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This week’s run time is 30:12.


A spotlight on two speakers featured this week during the VERGE Net Zero keynote program. 

  • Kaya Axelsson, Net Zero Policy Engagement Fellow at the University of Oxford, offers a detailed update on the commitments of both countries and corporations. In this excerpt, she describes what the Oxford team considers to be components of a high-quality net-zero framework. They use the acronym SCORE to describe the criteria.
  • Sheldon Whitehouse, U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, has been intimately involved in bipartisan efforts across a number of policy areas, including rebuilding infrastructure and toxic chemicals regulation. This week, he spoke Victoria Mills, managing director of the Environmental Defense Fund. One thread that really resonated with the audience was his call for companies to disclose what he describe as their “political footprint” — just as they would report on financial results or climate strategy. We also appreciated Whitehouse’s comments about why we should more closely monitor whether a company’s political activities match what it markets to the public — and making sure they aren’t invited to forums such as the COP gatherings where they can spread misinformation.
Music in this episode

Lee Rosevere: “And So Then,” “I’m Going for a Coffee,” “Southside.”
DayFox: “Weeknds.”


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