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A doorbell surveillance camera at a home in Alaska captured an unforgettable video of a moose suddenly shaking off its antlers.

The moose is seen placidly standing in the snow on the front lawn, then suddenly shakes its head and both of its large antlers tumble off the animal’s head. The startled moose bolts from the scene.

Bogert told “Today” that she was at her sister’s house when the moose stopped by last week. She was scrolling TikTok when she got an alert from her doorbell camera, and immediately checked the live feed.

Her husband, Chance, who was at work, called afterward to ask who had been at the door, Bogert said.

“And I’m like, ‘Dude, you’ve got to watch it for yourself!’” Bogert said. ”‘You’ll be so surprised. I don’t want to ruin it.’”

Bogert, who lives in Houston, Alaska, more than an hour north of Anchorage, said she and her husband initially bought a Ring doorbell camera for security purposes, but it’s largely served as a fascinating wildlife camera.

“We’re pretty far out here,” she told “Today.”

She posted an additional video to Facebook, showing her husband retrieving the rack and showing it off to the camera. The couple plan to mount the antlers in their home.

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