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A British company is developing a fleet of vans that can charge electric vehicles (EV) no matter where they are.

PLUG Charging, headquartered in Cardiff, uses off-grid green hydrogen and other green fuels with an onboard power generation system to allow people without a charging point to charge their vehicles anywhere, even if the driver isn’t present.

Unlike other EV charging solutions that typically boost charge by 20 to 30 miles, the PLUG Charging solution will be able to charge from 0 per cent up to 80 per cent of battery capacity within 30 minutes, the company claims.

The system will be supported by an app, allowing people to order charge for their EV in the same way they would order a taxi.

Jarrad Morris, CEO of PLUG Charging said the technology is a “game-changer” for EV owners.

“Our mobile service means that people can charge quickly, conveniently and more sustainably than ever before, giving off-grid or low-grid capacity locations or people without off-road parking the ability to charge at their house.

“Not only that, but it allows roadside recovery to service electric vehicles, events and locations to address seasonal demands.”

The power generated by each mobile unit can charge at a speed of up to 130kwh and will itself only require refuelling once a day.

Mr Morris added: “This new addition to rapid charging infrastructure means more availability of charge and the potential for longer journeys, thus increasing the viability for electric vehicles.”

“Just like the widely accepted food delivery services – we are able to deliver convenience to customers. We’re delivering electricity to where it is needed, all booked via our app.

“Customers can leave their vehicle parked outside their house or apartment and return to a fully charged vehicle without needing to give anyone access. We hope the convenience of this solution will grow electric vehicle adoption exponentially and make electric vehicles a viable choice for everyone, regardless of their living arrangements and access to charging.”

The company is set to roll out the new technology across a set of pilots in London before launching its consumer solution in January 2023.

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