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A TikToker in Florida went viral after posting a video of her “feeling bored” in a house owned by her “rich uncle”.

“Can you tell I’m bored!?” user @Isabel.phillipss asks in the caption of her video which had garnered more than 910,000 views as of Monday morning.

She writes that she had to leave campus because of Hurricane Ian and that her uncle said she “could stay at one of his houses”.

The video shows a room dedicated to video games, a movie theatre, an arcade room and a bedroom with a slide.

“Lol will your uncle adopt me as a niece too, because this looks so fun! lol” one person wrote in the comment section.

Several users suggested that the home is an Airbnb up for rent near Orlando.

“I feel like I’ve seen this house on Airbnb when I was planning my trip,” one account holder noted.

A Florida TikToker went viral after she posted a video showing the home of her ‘rich uncle’

(Screenshot / TikTok / @Isabel.phillipss)

“’Bored’??? Lol stay safe and the house looks really cool!” one of the top comments state.

“How are you bored with all of that,” another person said.

“How did you not bring any and all of your friends,” one TikTok user asked.

Florida is handling major destruction and flooding following the hurricane, with Ian being one of the most powerful storms to strike the US. The number of deaths has reached at least 62, according to The Washington Post. The death toll is expected to increase as recovery efforts go on.

Around 800,000 homes and businesses in the state didn’t have power on Sunday, according to

The White House said on Saturday that President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will visit Puerto Rico on Monday and Florida on Wednesday to survey the damage.

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