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Grant will support national efforts to expand water reuse

LENEXA, KAN. (OCT. 5, 2022) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a $3.2 million research grant to Iowa State University to fund research that will support national efforts to reduce technological and institutional barriers for expanded water reuse.

“As we celebrate the Clean Water Act’s 50th Anniversary this month, we are proud to announce a research grant that will expand water reuse adoption efforts in Iowa,” said EPA Region 7 Administrator Meg McCollister. “We’re looking forward to seeing the research performed by Iowa State University resulting in expanded water reuse and an increase in water quality and availability in underserved communities.”

This grant will enable university researchers to integrate technological, institutional, and regulatory decision-making processes to accelerate water reuse adoption by addressing issues in water quality and availability in small, rural communities.

The Water Research Foundation in Denver also received a grant through the Water Innovation, Science and Engagement to Advance Water Reuse Research Funding Opportunity. The total funding for these research grants is $6.4 million.

“Safe and reliable water is critical to protecting public health, and innovative solutions for reusing water can improve water availability and access across the nation,” said Chris Frey, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Research and Development. “These research projects will help advance water reuse applications so communities, local and state governments, and tribes can provide alternatives to existing water resources.”

Water reuse is the practice of reclaiming water from a variety of sources, treating it, and reusing it for beneficial purposes. It can provide alternative supplies for potable and non-potable uses to enhance water security, sustainability, and resilience.These research grants will help accelerate water innovation, information availability, and engagement. The funding will advance clean and safe water reuse goals, promote a better understanding of the nation’s water and wastewater treatment and infrastructure, and enhance the availability and efficient use of water resources through water reuse.

Learn more about the projects. Learn more about EPA research grants.

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